Nikki Haley Turns The Screws On Biden – She Tells Joe All Officials “Over A Certain Age” Should Take Cognitive Tests

As the year wears on, questions concerning the President’s cognitive capabilities keep popping up. While most Democrats claim Joe Biden is just fine, many Republicans aren’t quite so sure.

This also raises a broader question regarding aging politicians. These are elected officials that hold very important positions, so maybe we should consider widespread testing.

And one leading lady certainly supports this idea.

Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has often called out Biden’s apparent cognitive failings. She’s hardly the only high-profile person to raise concerns about the President.

And in a recent interview, she said that we need to take this more seriously.

The situation goes beyond the President, too — Haley thinks that everyone over a certain age should submit to cognitive testing. It’s a matter of public and national security, she believes.

During her interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Haley pushed the idea that America would feel a lot better if this testing was in place.

Via Washington Examiner:

Haley, 49, argued older lawmakers should provide proof of their cognitive function, saying such tests would reassure the people of the United States their elected officials are in control of their faculties.

She did not provide details, such as how the tests would be administered or what the age cutoff would be.

Haley said we need to have a “serious conversation” about older people in positions of power.

She didn’t single anyone out, either. She simply said that everyone in one of those positions of power – House, Senate, Vice President, or President – should be willing to get a cognitive test.

Haley added that in fact, “we’ve got a lot of people in leadership positions that are old.”

And then she did talk specifically about President Biden, who is the oldest U.S. President in history and closing in on 79 years old:

There’s a concern when people say, ‘Who’s really making the decisions here?’

That’s his job to prove that he’s making the decisions. …he keeps giving signals that he’s not with it.

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Biden has exhibited some concerning signals during his term so far, as many will claim.

The President often stumbles during speeches and occasionally doesn’t seem to be fully aware of the current situation. Again, Democrats says it’s all exaggerated, but others argue that evidence exists.

For example, former White House physician Ronny Jackson has frequently said that Biden is definitely ailing in some way.

Haley is only trying to be logical in her position: once humans get a good deal older, cognitive impairment is unfortunately common. It’s just a sad fact of life.

So, there’s every reason to worry when older individuals are in positions of extreme power. Of course, this most certainly includes the President of the United States.

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