Noem Rips Biden Admin From Mount Rushmore In New Video

Sharing a video from Mount Rushmore, South Dakota governor Kristi Noem blasted the Biden administration for not allowing fireworks on the Fourth of July from the monument.

“It’s a beautiful day,” Noem said. “I really wish that we were able to have fireworks here this year, probably not gonna happen because of the Biden administration, but look at all the wonderful people still enjoying this monument to history.”

This month, Noem blasted the Biden admin for allowing fireworks at the White House but not Mount Rushmore.

She tweeted:

What a hypocrite. President @JoeBiden wants “a summer of freedom” where we “mark independence from the virus by celebrating with events across the country.”

Translation: fireworks are fine at the White House, but not at Mount Rushmore.

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    why can’t south Dakota Control there own choices on weather or not they will display fireworks?
    i thought each state was able to do as they saw fit?

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