Not Just The Police DEFUND ALL LAW Says Rashida Tlaib Including Department Of Homeland Security

You’d think the people who can’t wait to put Legos in jail would be MORE interested in funding for government agencies, not LESS. But of course it depends on who is being targeted. DHS isn’t out arresting everyone in a MAGA hat, so they’ve got to GO.

In the clip below, Rashida Tlaib literally says “we must eliminate funding for CBP, ICE and their parent organization DHS.”

So just to be clear, protecting America against terrorists, securing the border, prosecuting illegal aliens is bad and must be defunded, along with the police at ever local level.

On the other hand, the LEGOSTAPO is good and great, and so is the NSA.

Got it? Agenda clear enough?

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Before our eyes the left is dismantling free America and replacing it with the Soviet Union, and CNN is just out there helping them do it. Make sure to let Jake Tapper know what you think about that.


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