Nunes Pulls Back Curtain On Trump’s ‘TRUTH’ Social – The Retired Congressman Vows To Deliver ‘Free-est’ Platform

What does it say about the left that they still refuse to allow Trump back on their social platforms? If the man is no longer a threat to their agenda, why not let him back on? It’s because they know he has a good shot at returning to office and they are desperately trying to censor him and his supporters.

But Trump has long ago stopped trying to get back onto other people’s social networks (although he is suing to hold them accountable). He’s announced his very own TRUTH app—which is sure to skyrocket once it’s live. And his top executive is promising a platform that is the “free-est.”

From Fox News:

Former Rep. Devin Nunes is sharing new details about TRUTH Social… vowing to create the “free-est” social media platform for users across the United States and around the world…

“It is really serious what we’re doing,” he continued. “Millions of Americans and people around the globe are counting on us to get this done and get it done right.”

Devin Nunes shocked the country when he announced he was stepping away from Congress. But his reason was a good one, he was joining Trump’s new Media Group to lead as CEO. This company’s first big project will be TRUTH Social, a social media platform Nunes’ vows to be the “free-est.”

Ever since 2016, social media companies run by liberals have been censoring conservatives. If they didn’t outright ban a user, they would “shadow ban” them or limit their reach with other users. Many politicians, celebrities, and conservative icons have been kicked off of these websites.

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Several alternatives have cropped up, promising to defend and respect the First Amendment. But it seems Trump’s upcoming network is promising to beat them all. We shouldn’t be surprised to find out that TRUTH Social starts off strong, as millions of people will be eager to try it out.

Since this will be Trump’s social platform, he will most likely have a large presence there. That will be enough to attract both supporters and critics. Let’s be honest, even the left has been starved of Trump tweets since he was blacklisted. A return to regular posts from the 45th president might even save certain dying media outlets?

Regardless, the launch of TRUTH Social next month is sure to make headlines.

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