NY Democrat Fires Off Filibuster Supreme Court Threats – To Limit 2nd Amendment Jones Is Ready To Abolish Filibuster And Pack Court

Democrats have made it obvious that dismantling America’s gun rights is one of their top priorities. They frequently use tragedies to promote this political viewpoint, despite the fact that the majority of Americans disagree.

Joe Biden has been caught on tape repeatedly admitting that your right to bear arms is not absolute. He’s here to inform you what he’ll “allow” you to do (not much).

One Democrat, though, went above and above the typical remarks. This House member boasted about how far he was willing to go to strip Americans of their right to bear guns.

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There’s only one issue.

Isn’t it terrifying? The silent bit was spoken aloud by this House Democrat.

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The filibuster, he promised, would be “abolished.” The Supreme Court should be “expanded.” All in the name of robbing Americans of their “weapons of war” (i.e. firearms).

Unfortunately, despite his bold—and uninformed—words, the House lacks the authority to carry through his threats.

The “filibuster” is a Senate rule that safeguards the minority party. Jones, as a House representative, cannot abolish it even if he wanted to.

The Supreme Court is in a similar situation. The Senate considers and confirms Supreme Court justice nominees.

The House could introduce legislation to expand the court, but it would require approval from the Senate.

So Jones has a catchphrase, but he has no idea what he’s talking about.

But the bottom line is that many Democrats across the country agree with him. More important than our institutions is their objective to deprive Americans of their right to self-defense.

Democrats appear to have lost interest in due process, checks and balances, or even the rule of law.

This is what the forthcoming elections are really about. If Democrats gain enough seats in Congress, they will be able to carry out their radical, socialist agenda.

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