Obama Adviser Puts Biden’s FDA In The Crosshairs – Furman Says Baby Formula Shortage The Result Of Many Policy Failures

Americans were shocked and outraged to learn that our country ran out of baby formula. In 2022, the United States of America was unable to feed its babies.

We all know who’s to blame. So does a former Obama advisor. He is blasting Joe Biden’s administration, especially the one agency that knew better.

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From Breitbart:

Jason Furman, who served as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Barack Obama… said that in the formula shortage, “There are so many different failures of government policy, many of them at the FDA.” And that “The problem is the FDA. There’s a lot more they could do that they’re still not doing.”

He added, “We’re going to see that plant that the FDA ordered off-line coming back online in the next week or two… None of this though, none of these steps will work instantly.”

Big surprise, huh? A former Obama advisor, Jason Furman, revealed that the main reason for the baby formula crisis is Biden’s FDA.

We know they shut down our largest formula plant back in February. According to reports, it was cleared a while ago. Yet the FDA refused to reopen it.

The plant was not producing formula for nearly four months. Why are we surprised we ran out of the product?

Furman blasts the FDA for not doing what it needs to do. He says the blame lies mostly with this Biden administration agency.

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He said they are “still not doing” what they need to do. Are we really surprised?

Biden staffed his administration with the least-qualified people on the planet. He hired a corrupt mayor to run our Department of Transportation.

He hired people unskilled in delegation to run his State Department. Clearly, he hired imbeciles to run the FDA.

Some sources claim they knew about an impending baby formula crisis last year, but did nothing.

Biden is now scrambling to fix the problem. But even Furman says this will not will “work instantly.” It could be weeks or months until parents see formula on the shelves again.

But what about the future? Furman seems to think the FDA is still flawed. If Biden can get this agency to do its job—what will run out next?

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