Obama Rushes To Save Flailing Candidate – Key 2021 Election Sinking Fast For Democrats McAuliffe In Virginia

Democrats thought they had Virginia in the bag. The nearby D.C. swamp had seeped over, giving Democrats in the state a majority. But things are happening, and the left is starting to panic.

A hotly contested governor’s race is coming down to the wire. Republican Glenn Youngkin is giving former Democrat Terry McAuliffe a run for his money. Polling has the two very close. The up-and-coming Republican could steal the Democrats’ top crown.

So, they have been forced to bring out an old icon to save his bacon.

From Fox News:

With the Virginia gubernatorial race a razor-tight margin of error contest just three weeks until Election Day, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe is bringing out some of the biggest names in the Democratic Party to help him energize Democrats to vote.

McAuliffe’s team announced on Tuesday that former President Obama will campaign with the former governor in the state capital city of Richmond a week from Saturday, on Oct. 23.

Democrats have dominated Virginia for many years. But the failures of their current governor, and the ongoing disaster that is the Biden administration, could shake things up bid time. So, the desperate liberal candidate for governor is hoping an appearance from Barack Obama will give him the edge he needs.

Current polls show that McAuliffe only has a single-digit lead over Republican newcomer Youngkin. That shouldn’t be happening in a deeply Democrat-controlled state like Virginia. The big cities are largely liberal, but most of the state (made up of rural regions) is growing tired of the left’s radical agenda.

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Movement is happening that could propel Youngkin into the governor’s seat. It seems McAuliffe is counting on someone like Barry O’ to secure his electoral victory.

It’s pretty surprising that Youngkin is doing so well. McAuliffe was previously the governor. His re-election should be a slam dunk. But for the Democrat to be dragging Obama back out in the limelight shows that he is just barely hanging on.

Will Obama make an impact on the race? He hasn’t had the best track record for political endorsements in recent years. While core Democrat voters still love him, most of the country has moved on. An appearance from Obama, while Joe Biden fails in D.C., could actually backfire for McAuliffe.

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