One Year Ago On Election Night 300,000 Biden Votes Magically Appeared In Virginia! Then Biden WON!

After the 2020 Election, we found that there were massive vote dumps for Biden in the middle of the night, and until today, they can’t be explained.

Will this happen all over again?

Something is happening. The Virginia results in the 2020 Election gave Biden a 2.4 million vote lead over President Trump 2.0 million votes.

How did the election end up this way?

No one questions Virginia, but people have to do that. On the election were found 378 separate entries or feeds in Virginia in the file obtained and shared online from the NYT. Their data shows the entries from the NYT for the Presidential election at a state-by-state level. The data doesn’t include country, or precinct-level data feeds.
The results for votes aren’t in whole integers. The entries have fractional amounts. It is illogical because the ballots don’t come infractions in the US. Every single vote equals one vote.

The primary 125 entries reported by the NYT feed were reasonable. The result varied in percentage of votes among the Presidential candidates, and they were random, with most votes going to President Trump. Trump had a 52% advantage over Biden. 3.3 million out of 4.4 million votes had been cast, and 75% of the vote was in.
Eight entries with 800,000 votes were removed from the database. Every vote has to be added to the vote totals, not taken away.

Three entries of over 300,000 votes were shared in the database to Biden’s vote total. Two entries of more than 300,000 votes were taken away. It is what precisely happened to Trump’s totals but in much smaller amounts.
More than 851,000 votes were given to Biden’s totals, and only 318.000 were awarded to Trump in the middle of the night on November 3.

Weirdly, these entries are huge negatives. One entry taking away 330.153.54 votes from Biden and 37.510.39 from Trump seems to have reversed an entry a few minutes at around midnight.

‘’ Then at 12:26 and 12:30 am, an entry in the amount of 308,341.59 from Biden and 80,357.05 from Trump was posted and reversed. The exact same amounts. A few hours later, another 230,000 votes net were added to Biden’s lead.’’ TGP.

The reversing entries are like adjusting entries. Those in the accounting profession know the entries posted in error that are reversed and replaced with suitable entries and amounts.

Why would Virginia need to make these types of entries in the voting system? There is no reason.
After these entries, we can conclude that every entry in the system for the Presidential election had the same proportion of votes as Biden to Trump.

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