Only One Democrat Voted AGAINST Biden’s “Build Back Better” Plan

Only ONE Democrat lawmaker voted against Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan Friday, Jared Golden of Maine.

“Many of my colleagues argue this major line item is worth accepting to pass the rest of the bill,”  Golden said in a statement Thursday night. “I disagree: the SALT giveaway in the Build Back Better Act is larger than the child care, pre-K, healthcare or senior care provisions of the bill.”

Golden wrote in a series of tweets:

This version of the Build Back Better Act is not the best deal for my constituents. When the bill returns to the House, here are some of the changes for working people that could get me to a yes vote: 

To start: tax billionaires and stop tax giveaways to millionaires. Many billionaires pay $0.00 in income taxes. Why wouldn’t we tax them?

RonWyden has a good proposal that has been considered for this bill. 

The current House version of SALT gives millionaires thousands in cash, while people who make less than ~$100,000/year get less than $20 on avg. This policy costs $286 billion. Why would we do that? I support @SenSanders’

efforts to mitigate these giveaways.

I support many of the ideas in the Build Back Better Act: pre-K, lower-priced Rx drugs for seniors, expanded child tax credits, addressing climate change, and more.

But voting for these should not be contingent on voting for tax giveaways to millionaires. 

I want to keep working w/ senators to fix these issues.

A billionaire tax could raise ~$557 billion.

For families in Maine, that could fund:
– More $ for LIHEAP heating assistance
– $$ to shore up Medicare Trust Fund
– Capping seniors’ out-of-pocket Rx drug costs faster 

This version of the bill is not the best deal for my constituents. I’m going to keep pushing to make changes to the Build Back Better Act so that it lives up to its goals and delivers the best possible deal for the people I represent.

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