Oversight Republicans Drop ICE Hammer On Biden – They Accuse The President’s Border Rules Of “Dereliction Of Duty,” “Affront To Law”

Millions of Americans have watched as countless migrants flooded our border. Even though we can watch the hordes cross into our country, the White House does nothing. Congress refuses to act, demanding Biden enforce our immigration laws.

And more keep coming. In the coming days and weeks, thousands more will try to get over our border. Drug cartels and other criminals are treating our country like a doormat. Now, a group of Republicans is exposing what Biden’s DHS is about to do.

From Fox News:

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are accusing the Biden administration of abandoning its duty to enforce U.S. immigration law by its drastic tightening of rules for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – which have coincided with a drop in arrests of illegal immigrants…

“This dereliction of duty in the interior of the country is particularly grotesque considering the crisis on the southern border,” they say.

Although Biden has already turned a blind eye to one million border jumpers, he intends to go even further with his “Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law.” These new rules issued for the Department of Homeland Security will make it even harder for law enforcement to arrest migrants, let alone prosecute and deport them.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee blasted Biden’s latest attempts to water down our rules, saying these guidelines are “an affront to the rule of law.” They say these changes amount to “dereliction of duty,” which will lead to more migrants flooding the country.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. Since January, Biden has practically rolled out a red carpet for invaders. He ended policies that kept the border safe. He refused to deport criminal aliens. And he’s even busing or flying migrants to cities all over the country.

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It’s hard not to believe Biden is doing this for a reason. It wouldn’t take much of an effort to actually enforce our laws and protect our borders. It’s not rocket science, just arrest and deport people who break the law.

But Biden is doing this, and apparently he is already starting to flood communities all over America with outsiders. These people will likely become welfare recipients (while also taking American jobs) and alter voting demographics to aid Democrats.

Why else are Democrats in D.C. trying to push bills that eliminate voter ID? Do you think this is a coincidence?

Republicans are calling out Biden’s scheme, but much more must be done. These actions need to be taken to the courts so that our last line of defense can prevent Biden’s runaway power grab.

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