FBI Director Wray Exposed For Seemingly Blatant Misuse – GOP Demands Answers About His Personal Use Of FBI Private Jet

FBI Director Christopher Wray is not the most beloved person in America, right now. Under him and his predecessor, the agency has committed a number of unforced errors—tarnishing its reputation. That’s especially true now, in light of the shocking raid on Mar-a-Largo. But Republicans are […]

Posted on 24 hours ago

Eric Trump Prepared to Release New Evidence – Claims He Will Show Us Surveillance Tapes “At the Right Time”

There are still numerous questions surrounding the unprecedented FBI raid on Mar-a-Largo. Many Americans believe this event was politically motivated. Some might fear that the FBI “planted” evidence to frame Trump. Which is why Trump’s lawyers refused to turn off the estate’s security cameras—even though […]

Posted on 24 hours ago

Republican Governor Touts Huge Border Victory – Arizona Closes Giant Thousand-Foot Gap in the Wall

Those Americans paying attention to the border know things are far from secure. Joe Biden has for all intents and purposes left the border wide open, leading to a crisis never before experienced in America. Democrats claim he is hard at work because look at […]

Posted on 24 hours ago

After Kamala Claims The Ports Are Running 24/7 – Goya Foods CEO Says They Are Still Majorly Backed Up

Throughout most of 2021, Americans suffered from a supply chain crisis. Thanks to mandates, stimulus checks, and extended unemployment, shipping companies struggled to move products across the country. The result was hundreds of cargo ships stuck at sea. It wasn’t until August when Biden bothered to address […]

Trump Makes His Pick For Alaska Governor – Donald Chooses Dunleavy But Only If He Doesn’t Back Murkowski

When former President Donald Trump endorses a candidate for office, people pay attention. That’s because statistically, Trump’s influence can’t be ignored, and often results in victory. Several of the candidates he chose this year won their elections, and the GOP rarely underestimates the impact of […]