Late GOP Rep Jackie Walorski’s Brother Responds To Joe Biden: “I Feel Sorry For Him Not Gonna Hold It Against Him”

The late Rep. Jackie Walorski’s brother, Keith Walorski, responded to president Joe Biden publicly asking to see his dead sister saying he does not hold it against Joe. Keith said Biden called the family when the Indiana Republican died in a car crash and said […]

Posted on 2 months ago

Kid Rock Tells MSNBC To Pound Sand, Calls New Prime Minister Of Italy “My New Hero”

Rock music legend Kid Rock told MSNBC and the rest of the legacy media to go pound sand for criticizing the new Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni. Kid Rock is a big fan of Meloni going so far as to call her his ‘new hero’ […]

Posted on 2 months ago

Sharon Osbourne Fires Back At Media: “I Wouldn’t Trust CBS As Far As I Could Throw Them I Don’t Regret It At All”

Sharon Osbourne ripped the media and cancel culture while promoting her four-part special on Fox Nation, “Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back.” The program covers her messy 2021 exit from CBS’ “The Talk.” She said: “I don’t regret it at all. Piers is not a […]

Posted on 2 months ago

Whoopi Goldberg Threatens To Quit The View After Lindsey Graham Joke Backfires: “If This Is What It’s Coming To, I Should Probably Never Do This Show Again”

Whoopi Goldberg threatened to quit The View after her joke about Lindsey Graham backfired. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre was on the show and said: “We have Lindsey Graham, Senator Graham and other and other leaders of the Republican Party who are saying, and they’re […]

Ron DeSantis Shows Biden How It’s Done Blocks China From Buying Land Near US Military Bases In Florida

By taking action to prevent the Communist Party of China and other adversarial foreign entities from purchasing agricultural land and areas near military posts in Florida, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is carrying out President Joe Biden’s directive. “From server farms to farmland, the Communist Party […]