Biden’s Bill Quietly Slips In Large Benefit For Migrants – CBO Finds It Would Give Over 6 Million Government Benefits And Amnesty

Pelosi thought she scored a big win, after getting House Democrats to pass her version of Biden’s bloated spending bill. But the bill is far from seeing the light of day because it needs to get passed in the Senate. We’ve seen over recent months […]

Posted on 7 hours ago

President Biden Loses To Trump At The Border – Donald’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy Is Set To Be Reinstated

Throughout this year, we’ve reported on the growing crisis at our Southern border. Democrats and the media turned a blind eye as over one million migrants illegally entered the country. And reports indicate that more are on their way. This is all due to Biden […]

Posted on 7 hours ago

Democrat Arrested For 2nd Time In A Month – After Serious Violation 21-Year-Old Rep. Coleman Just Got Handcuffed

When someone is elected to office, they are given a serious responsibility. Those who voted for him expect him to be above suspicion. These are our leaders, after all. And their decisions can affect nearly every aspect of our lives. Because of that, we hold […]

Posted on 7 hours ago

Days After President Biden Promises To Lower Gas Prices Joe Is Trying To Jack Up The Price Of Oil Leasing By Fifty Percent

The Biden administration has faced numerous hurdles in 2021. American citizens have criticized the current President for multiple crises, ranging from the border to Afghanistan. But currently, the #1 concern for most is the economy. Spiraling inflation and skyrocketing gas prices in recent months have […]