Texas Special Election Just Got Called – Close Runoff Race Ends Up In The Hands Of Republican Ellzey

Ever since last year’s election, many are wondering about the fate of future races. All eyes are on 2022 and 2024—but many special elections have been going on across the country. The mainstream media hasn’t spent much time on them. They don’t want you to […]

Posted on 11 hours ago

WATCH: Biden Tells Reporters “I Have To Seek Permission To Leave”

President Biden told reporters “I have to seek permission to leave” in an apparent joke. The comment resulted in mockery from Conservatives. Robby Starbuck commented “At least he admits he answers to his far left staff who tells him what to do.” TRENDING : WATCH: […]

Posted on 11 hours ago

WATCH: Pelosi Calls GOP Leader McCarthy “Such A Moron”

CNN reporter Daniella Diaz shares video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy “a moron.” TRENDING : Optimism About Future Of Country PLUMMETS Thanks To Biden Pelosi was later asked “Is Kevin McCarthy a moron, and if so why?” She responded “To […]

Posted on 11 hours ago

Trump Will Be Declared The Winner Of The 2020 Election (With 85 Percent Of The Vote) But He Will Not Return To The White House Because There Is Something The General Public Does Not Know About World Governments!

Donald Trump will be declared the winner of the 2020 election (with 85 percent of the vote), but he will not return to the White House because there is something the general public does not know about world governments! TRENDING : Congress Strikes Back At […]