Senate Republicans Throw Up A Crucial Roadblock – They Just Stopped The Democrat Voting Rights Bill In Its Tracks

With 2022 just around the corner, Democrats have a big problem. Americans will be flooding the polls to fire the current Congress. Chances are, they will be giving Republicans a much-needed majority. Such a move will freeze Biden in his tracks. It could even lead […]

Posted on 12 hours ago

Marco Rubio Blasts ‘Woke Democrats’ On Live TV – Says They Will Suffer Devastating Losses In Upcoming Elections For The Incompetency

Joe Biden and his Democrats have been in charge of the federal government for nearly a year. So, how have they been doing? If you look at the major crises hitting our country (and overseas), few would say they are doing great. Biden has failed […]

Posted on 12 hours ago

President Biden Destroys Democrat Holy Grail – Joe Tells House Progressives That Free Community College Is Out

Joe Biden promised the progressive left big time when he unveiled his $3.5 trillion socialist plan. But he learned the hard way that, outside the radical left, Americans don’t want to be taxed into oblivion to achieve his plan. Moderate Democrats have blocked his spending […]

Posted on 12 hours ago

After China’s “Hypersonic Missile” Test Catches US By Surprise – China Responds Says It Wasnt A Missile

In what appeared to be a repeat of something that happened during the Cold War, America was stunned to learn that China tested a “hypersonic missile.” Although Trump officials, including John Ratcliffe, had warned Biden about China’s capabilities, the current administration was embarrassingly unprepared for […]