After Pelosi Allegedly Shoves Flores’ Daughter – The New Republican Rep. Lays Down The Law On The Speaker

It was one of the most significant victories of the year for Republicans: when conservative Mexican-born Mayra Flores won her election in Texas. Her swearing-in ceremony happened on June 21 and right-wingers everywhere celebrated a big win. However, the ceremony didn’t exactly go off without a […]

Posted on 22 hours ago

Queen AOC Demands Supreme Court Impeachment – She Accuses Multiple Justices Of “Lying Under Oath” During Confirmation

Democrats are melting down all over the place, because of the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade. Some have made wild threats against the court. Others, like AOC, seem totally beside themselves with rage. TRENDING : Seniors Could Be Affected By New Retirement Bill – […]

Posted on 22 hours ago

Democrats Just Turned On Kamala Harris – They Call Her SCOTUS Promise To Them “Thoughts and Prayers”

As you can imagine, the left has had a pretty bad weekend. Abortion activists, failing to intimidate the Supreme Court, rioted across blue cities. Democrats have made all kinds of threats against the court—proving their motives have little to do with respecting anyone’s rights. TRENDING […]

Posted on 22 hours ago

Engineer Team Consisted Of 12 TEENAGE GIRLS Created Solar-Powered Tents For Homeless

Many girl scientists are underestimated and ignored by the scientific community across the world. Recently, an all-girl engineering team created an incredible solution for the homeless during the winter. The San Fernando High School created a partnership with DIY Girls, an organization that gives support for girls interested in technology […]