Senior Citizens Receive Large COLA Increase Details – Historic Social Security Paycheck Bump Coming Quickly

Record inflation has dominated news headlines for most of the summer, and some experts are saying the controversial “inflation reduction” bill simply won’t work. However, there’s an upside to this dreary news if you’re a senior citizen. Due to the almost unprecedented jump in cost of […]

Posted on 1 week ago

The FBI Is Quickly Changing Its Tune – After Threats Of Impeachment Attorney General Garland Admits He Personally Approved Raid

Plenty of experts have speculated on why Biden’s FBI raided Trump’s home. The official claim, for now, was that the National Archives wanted some documents Trump was holding onto. Those claims, some have said, are not strong grounds to raid his home, especially after Trump […]

Posted on 1 week ago

Govenor DeSantis Just Issued “Defy Biden” Rule

Florida has been pushing back against the White House’s “woke” agenda from the beginning, and Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t about to quit fighting for conservative values. This includes the state’s education system, which has been struggling with President Joe Biden’s federal guidelines concerning gender in […]

Posted on 1 week ago

Cuomo’s Tweets About Brett Kavanaugh Surface, Don Jr Drops Hammer: “Let’s make sure we hold Andrew Cuomo to the same standards that he would hold others to”

Don Trump Jr dropped the hammer on Andrew Cuomo by digging up his old tweets ripping Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Gov. Cuomo tweeted, “The allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh are disturbing and deeply concerning. We owe it to the American people to […]