BREAKING: House Republicans schedule formal vote to oust Liz Cheney

According to the NY Post “the vote to determine House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney’s fate in leadership is scheduled for Wednesday morning after months of the No. 3 GOP member being at war with her own party.” Per the report: The meeting is slated […]

Posted on 2 days ago

Why is Teleprompter Joe carrying around notecards??? [VIDEO]

Teleprompter Joe apparently had to rely on note cards yesterday as he toured the Carrollton Water Plant in New Orleans to push his new infrastructure bill. You can see him holding and perusing his note cards in the video below:  Everything is fine. Nothing to […]

Posted on 2 days ago

Military Apprehends Pelosi Doppelganger

U.S. military assets have fudged a covert mission to apprehend House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, arresting instead a Pelosi doppelganger donning a lifelike mask that mimicked every hideous detail of Pelosi’s face, right down to the most deeply engrained wrinkles. A confidential source involved in Trump’s […]

Posted on 2 days ago

WATCH: Lou Dobbs speaks out with new video statement “I’d like to thank all the great Americans who have reached out over the past few months”

Former popular Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is speaking out and has released a new video statement. “I’d like to thank all the great Americans who have reached out over the past few months,” Dobbs writes. TRENDING : Podesta Military Tribunal: Day 3 Guilty!

Posted on 2 days ago

Newly Invented Shoes With GPS to Track Elderly Family Members With Alzheimer’s and Prevent Them From Getting Lost!

The initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s or senile dementia in an elderly person are enormous problems with disorientation. The person that suffers from this disease is progressively losing the skill to orient themselves whether it’s time or spatial orientation. They will start feeling lost even in […]