Hours After Biden Calls To Kill Filibuster – Democrat Senators Manchin And Sinema Team Up And Shut Joe Down

The left has slammed Biden for not responding “strong enough” to the end of Roe v. Wade. So he did, by calling for the death (again) of the filibuster. From YouTube: TRENDING : Solution For Better Tomorrow President Joe Biden called for eliminating the filibuster to […]

Posted on 6 hours ago

California Just Made Welfare History: They Become First State In The Union To Give Food Stamps To Non-Citizens

When the border crisis erupted shortly after President Joe Biden stepped into office, the illegal immigration issue roared back into the headlines. Record numbers of foreign travelers flooded across the border. Former President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal migration appeared to be working according to […]

Posted on 6 hours ago

Four Handcuffed And Arrested Over Texas Tractor-Trailer – They Are Being Charged In Trafficking Operation

This week, America was horrified to learn about an 18-wheeler packed with over 100 migrants found in San Antonio, TX. At least 53 people were dead inside the tractor-trailer, which had smuggled these migrants over the border. TRENDING : Solution For Better Tomorrow People are outraged, […]

Posted on 6 hours ago

Arizona School Sued On Behalf Of “Silenced” Parents – Attorney General Says Behavior “Demands Expulsion”

American parents have become increasingly concerned about the education their children receive. On top of that, many are convinced parental rights are being stomped on by authoritarian educators. But many parents won’t remain silent, and sometimes they get help from their elected officials. That’s exactly […]

Former Demcorat Governor Candidate Just Got Arrested – Accused of Conspiracy and “False Statements,” Gillum Pleads Not Guilty

Politics and corruption too often go hand-in-hand, as bribery, fraud, and conspiracy continue to plague our elected officials. Sometimes, the charges aren’t particularly serious and don’t amount to much in court. But for one former gubernatorial candidate, he’s facing severe accusations and the penalties are extremely […]