Mainstream Media Files Formal Complaint Against Biden for Running Away from Questions

It appears the honeymoon period is over. The White House press pool has filed a formal complaint against Joe Biden. Why? Because Joe Biden continuously walks away and refuses to answer their questions. It’s called transparency. It’s called integrity. Love him or hate him, President […]

Posted on 7 hours ago

Democrats Now Say $15 Minimum Wage Isn’t Right – Instead They Want To Jack It Up To $26 Per Hour

They say if you give someone an inch, they’ll take a mile. And if you give a socialist a dollar, they’ll take $3.5 trillion. For years, leftists have been demanding the government raise the minimum wage to a staggering $15/hour. That is a government-mandated wage […]

Posted on 7 hours ago

Donald Trump Makes GOP History In 2021 – The Former President “Unheard Of In Recent Memory” Endorses 40 Candidates

When former President Donald Trump left the White House earlier this year, Democrats celebrated. And at the time, many leaders probably hoped Trump would recede into the shadows. Instead, the opposite has happened: the former Commander-in-Chief has remained extremely active in the political sphere. In […]

Posted on 7 hours ago

Senator Kennedy Accuses Biden Of “Illegal” Action – Sen. Kennedy Claims He’s Concealing The “Lunacy” Of The Border

The border situation has apparently worsened throughout 2021, and southern state leaders say the federal government has done little – or nothing – to help. So, when drone footage of thousands of unregistered migrants under a Texas bridge erupted this week, Republicans seized on it. […]