Chris Cuomo Gets Roasted After He Challenges Twitter Users To Prove He’s Biased

CNN host Chris Cuomo challenged Twitter users to show evidence of his bias. A Twitter user wrote “The story of your life, you constantly deny facts you dont like.” Cuomo replied “Name one? Tick tock” Here are some of the replies: “Honestly Chris, it’s the […]

Posted on 20 hours ago

WATCH: Cruz Vows “We’re Going To Win In 2024 And Send Joe Biden And Kamala Harris A One-Way Ticket Down, Finally, To Our Southern Border”

During a recent speech a the faith and family conference, Texas Senator Ted Cruz vowed “We’re going to win in 2024 and send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a one-way ticket down, finally, to our southern border.” TRENDING : Noem Slams Biden Death Tax

Posted on 20 hours ago

Noem Slams Biden Death Tax Calls It “Devastating” And Says It Will Hurt The Middle Class

Appearing on Fox News, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem slammed Biden death tax, calls it “devastating” and argues it will hurt the middle class. TRENDING : Ilhan Wants ‘Reparations’ To ‘Address The Lasting Consequences Of Slavery’

Posted on 20 hours ago

Ilhan Wants ‘Reparations’ To ‘Address The Lasting Consequences Of Slavery’

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., on Saturday renewed the call for reparations as the country recognized Juneteenth as a federal holiday for the first time. President Biden made June 19, or Juneteenth, a federal holiday on Friday to celebrate the emancipation of Black slaves after the […]

Posted on 20 hours ago

Biden Set to Revive ‘Operation Choke Point’ Program Accused of Punishing Disfavored Businesses

The Biden administration looks set to revive a highly controversial Obama-era program that critics say was designed to punish legal, right-leaning businesses and others that were deemed unfavorable by Democrats. The program, dubbed “Operation Choke Point” by then-Attorney General Eric Holder, was utilized mainly against […]

Pelosi Wants Probe of Texas Outages After Rare Storm, But Where’s She Been on Cali’s Numerous Blackouts?

After ignoring the nursing home crisis in New York and power crisis in California, House Democrats have suddenly decided that they’re interested in investigating the power crisis that’s erupted in the Republican-led state of Texas. During her weekly press briefing Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]