Pelosi And Biden Accused Of ‘Ice Cream-Gate’ – Both The Speaker And The President Promote The Same Ice Cream Brand

The country was shocked when, as Europe braced for a Russian invasion, Joe Biden was seen waffling around D.C. The man neglected his duties to shop at a gift store. He even picked up (yet another) ice cream cone. Doesn’t this man have a job? Is it to eat ice cream?

Oddly enough, the store Joe visited was also featured in a video with Nancy Pelosi. While showing off her enormous (and expensive) fridge, we saw it was stocked with cartons of ice cream. From the same brand as the place Joe went to, known as “Jeni’s.”

Why is that worth noting? A few folks dug deep to find out.

From Biz Pac Review:

“We did a special ‘Next Revolution’ ice cream deep dive and it turns out, the founder of Jeni’s Ice Cream is a bit of a Biden fan,” Hilton explained. “In fact, she put out a video for the Democrats supporting Biden when he was nominated for president, admitted in a 2017 interview that she had a crush on Biden, and named her dog ‘Joey B.’”

“Even when it comes to ice cream, for Biden and Pelosi, it is always about politics,” he added.

Odd. Nancy and Joe apparently support the ice cream company of an avid Biden fan. But she is more than just a fan. She apparently had a “crush” on Biden and named her dog “Joey B.” Of course, she put out a video to support Joe while he was running for president. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn she is also a donor to the party.

It seems Joe decides which ice cream shop to go to, based on whether or not they support his failed agenda. What would have happened if Joe went to Baskin Robbins? Would the DNC flip out if the owners didn’t donate to the party? What if Joe bought a few scoops from a company that wasn’t involved in politics? Or worse—GASP!—supported Republicans?

I think it’s safe to say his handlers carefully vet all the stores he shops at. We can’t have him seen in a conservative-own shop, after all. When it comes time for Joe to get his regular scoop of ice cream, he happily goes to Jeni’s, to maintain political purity.

(I wonder if her ice cream is vegan, responsibly sourced, and cruelty-free? His handlers should check just to be safe.)

What’s really hilarious about this is the lengths his people went to ensure Biden went to the “right” store. They are that thorough about his ice cream—but not his policies. Ice cream—wait, we need to make sure he’s going to a store that’s on our side.

Protecting Ukraine from Russia? Meh!

It’s all about appearances for this administration. Not action, integrity, or results.

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