Pelosi and the GOP Just Ganged Up On Biden – Joe Pushes Back As Even His Own Party Supports Ban Of Russian Oil

Sometimes, you just have to feel sorry for old Joe Biden. But not most of the time. The problems he is facing right now are largely of his own making. He spent much of 2021 bowing to the demands of the radical left.

And now even many of them are turning on him. Many critics blame are claiming his sanctions against Russia aren’t good enough.

In fact, a group of Democrats and Republicans are teaming up against Joe. They want to punish Russia even more for what they are doing to Ukraine. But their solution just might be going too far—and put tremendous pain on Americans. Even old crow Nancy Pelosi is for banning Russian oil, which would cause gas prices to skyrocket.

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From Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she supports banning all Russian oil to the United States amid growing momentum in Congress to find additional ways to cut off revenue streams to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite this pressure from Congress, Joe Biden is not willing (for now) to ban Russian oil.

From Newsmax:

The White House is stopping short of banning all imports of Russian oil over the invasion of Ukraine, despite growing bipartisan calls from lawmakers who say Russian President Vladimir Putin depends on the oil revenues to keep the attacks going.

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Wow. Joe is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He refuses to reverse his ban on increased American drilling for oil. So, he needs to keep bringing in as much foreign oil as possible, to keep costs low (this obviously isn’t working, as you know if you’ve pumped gas this week). Yet as Russia continues to march all over Ukraine, both Republicans and Democrats want Joe to ban Russian oil.

The Republican stance seems legitimate. If we cut off this source of revenue to Russia, it will hurt them even more than the current sanctions. But, this plan will only work if we significantly increase American oil production—back to the level of the Trump era. Otherwise, we’d see gas prices go above $5/gallon as the national average.

Insanely, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi want to ban Russian oil, but not increase American production! What the heck is she thinking? Not all of us can afford private drivers. Nor do we have a government stipend to cover our travel costs, Nance. If gas prices get much higher, millions of Americans will suffer.

But Joe doesn’t seem to know how to pivot his policies to make the best impact. He refuses to ban Russian oil because he doesn’t want to encourage more American oil production. But something’s gotta give Joe.

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