Pelosi Ganged Up On By GOP And Democrats – They Plan To Override Nancy Force Infrastructure Bill To Floor Vote

Nancy Pelosi appears to be holding the Senate hostage, over the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

While moderate Republicans hailed the bill as a victory, there was a catch.

Pelosi and other Democrat leaders want to use the bill to force Biden’s massive spending plan.

Some Democrats in the House were calling on Pelosi to pass the bill by itself. If not, they will not support the bill.

Pelosi seems to be unwilling to compromise. But now, it looks like Democrats and Republicans could get it done without her.

From Fox News:

Moderate Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick said Monday that there are likely enough GOP votes for the bipartisan infrastructure bill to overcome the number of Democrats vowing to block it, as centrists from both parties pressure House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring the legislation for a vote.

Fitzpatrick, the co-chairman of the House Problem Solvers Caucus, also warned that moderate Republicans could turn against the compromise legislation passed by the Senate if Pelosi, D-Calif., delays the bill’s consideration or ties it to Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending plan they hope to pass via budget reconciliation.

Republicans in the House warned Pelosi that they can get the infrastructure bill passed, so long as she’s willing to cooperate.

A few Democrats threatened to block the bill, if Pelosi was determined to link it to Biden’s toxic spending agenda.

There are some Republicans willing to go along and vote to pass it. But they will turn against the bill if Pelosi refuses to budge.

Plenty of people have spoken out against the left’s agenda. They want to get this bipartisan bill passed, but only if Biden’s large–$3.5 trillion package—goes through as well.

It’s clear that moderates in the House are not happy with Biden’s socialist plan. They fear that if the Democratic Party moves more and more left, they’ll lose their seats.

They have urged Pelosi to just get the bipartisan bill done—deal with the other plan later.

But Pelosi, eager to please the radical left, is holding out.

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Moderate Republicans are willing to move on the bill. But they too will block it if Pelosi tries to play any games.

It seems that Pelosi has totally lost control of the House. Any other reasonable Speaker would listen to both parties and come to an agreement.

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