Pelosi Goes Overboard During Conference – Nancy Just Agreed With Liberal Reporter The Pentagon Is A “Larger Polluter Than 140 Countries Combined”

The Biden administration faces numerous issues, many of which are cause for serious concern. This includes the struggling economy, the border crisis, and the seemingly endless pandemic.

But the Democrats on Capitol Hill seem more interested in tackling other problems. For instance, they’re pushing the climate change agenda as hard as they can, and at every possible turn.

Of course, it’s a favorite topic for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi has often spoken out in favor of sweeping climate change policy and other “green” laws. She recently attended the UN’s COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, and answered several questions.

One of them came from journalist Abby Martin, who made a controversial claim that raised more than a few eyebrows.

But maybe even more surprising was that Speaker Pelosi agreed with the claim, which could be very difficult to prove accurate. At the very least, many are already mocking Pelosi for her stance.

It started when the left-leaning Martin said:

The Pentagon is a larger polluter than 140 countries combined.

How can we seriously talk about net-zero if there is this bipartisan consensus to constantly expand this large contributor to climate change which is exempt from these conferences? Military is exempt from climate talks.

Pelosi first replied by saying that “climate crisis is a national security matter.” She talked about it being a “health matter for our children” and it’s also a “jobs issue” as well.

But additionally, she responded by saying “we recognize that as well” — in other words, she was agreeing with Martin’s claim that the Pentagon is a bigger polluter than 140 countries combined.

Now, Martin didn’t specify which countries but even so, it seems like an outlandish and unjustified claim.

Speaker Pelosi went on to talk about halting America’s dependence on fossil fuels, which has been the rallying cry of the “green” left for years. She added that the military is a “big user of fuel.”

But it’s also important to note the history of journalist Abby Martin.

According to The Daily Wire citing John Stossel in 2018:

Why does American journalist Abby Martin do propaganda for socialist murderers? You’ve heard about Russian propaganda. Martin once worked for RT, Russia’s state-run news network.

Now she’s got a similar gig at teleSUR, an anti-capitalist, pro-socialist news network funded by Latin American leftists. …

One teleSUR video lists countries where ‘capitalism failed’: Canada, Mexico, England, Peru, Panama, Switzerland, the United States …  Another says that ‘Trump is killing our brains with Nazi-era chemicals.’

Few viewers know that teleSUR is funded by the tyrants who control Cuba and Venezuela.

Given this background, maybe one should question Martin’s motives and statements.

Pelosi certainly didn’t have a problem agreeing with her, though. And she didn’t even try to refute the idea that the military pollutes more than 140 countries combined.

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As usual, it feels like top Democrats are just skirting the facts in order to push their agenda through.

Instead of focusing on the real facts, it seems as if they wish to exaggerate as much as possible — even if the statements aren’t true, they can get everyone to believe them, if they repeat it enough.

But that may not fly with those who demands facts before making their decisions.

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