Pelosi Rejects Calls To Remove Metal Detectors At House Chamber Entrance After GOP Lawsuit “As Long As There Is A Threat, We’Il Have To Have Protection”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is rejecting calls to remove the metal detectors at the House chamber entrance.

“As long as there is a threat, we’ll have to have protection,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday.

This comes after two House Republicans Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia and Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas filed a lawsuit arguing the fines for breaches of the metal detector are unconstitutional.

Both Gohmert and Clyde have been issued fines of $5k, and $15k for “failure to complete a security screening” before entering the House chamber.

Clyde told reporters Monday “It is clear to me that the intent of the speaker is to gain improper influence over the actions of the minority Republican Party and to further Speaker Pelosi’s false political narrative. That, and I quote, ‘The enemy is within the House of Representatives.’ House Resolution 73 is a failure of logic built upon a foundation of Democrat lies that say Republican members and their voters are dangerous domestic terrorists.”

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