Pelosi’s Democrat Civil War Just Deteriorated – Just In Time For 2022 Nancy’s Party Is Paralyzed By Disunity

The conventional wisdom is that Democrats stick together. That’s what we saw over the Trump years. While some Republicans refused to back Trump’s America first agenda, Democrats held the line. They were willing to put aside differences to block some of Trump’s policies. And they were able to work together to exploit last year’s crisis for as much as it’s worth.

But those days seem long over. With Biden failing at every step, it seems the Democratic Party lacks a strong leader to unite them. Moderates are losing ground to radical progressives, whose views are leading to lost votes. Now, the growing rift just might doom their chances in 2022.

From Fox News:

[T]wo intra-party disagreements in the last week and a half are the latest examples of internal dissent that’s plagued Democrats all year on issues large and small. Democrats’ biggest agenda items – their massive reconciliation spending bill and the infrastructure bill – are where these divisions are exposed the most…

According to the Cook Political Report, Democrats are defending 12 House seats that are either a “toss-up,” “lean Democratic,” or “lean Republican.” Republicans are defending just four such seats.

Democrats are in big trouble, going into 2022. Instead of being united under a strong president, the party is falling apart with a growing civil war. Joe Biden is a weak leader plagued with failures and low approval numbers. There is nobody that can get far-left radicals and moderates to come together.

It seems big losses in 2020 were the writing on the wall. Moderates in the House realized that radical socialists like AOC were alienating voters. They might be safe in places like New York or San Francisco. But many Democrats are poised to lose their seats in many districts because Pelosi can’t rein in the extremists.

This problem has only grown over the years. The progressives want to ransack the country, using the hapless Joe Biden as a scapegoat for all their socialist demands. But moderates know that strategy is doomed to fail, as most of America will reject that agenda at the polls.

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Progressives don’t seem to care. They think that this is apparently their time and they are going all-in on a Marxist agenda shaped by Bernie Sanders and his cronies.

This has led to chaos and confusion within the party. And souring support among Americans. Democrats are facing a bloodbath in the midterms. Already they have seen the warning signs after Virginia was swept by Republicans.

But the fallout in 2022 will be much worse. They could lose their majority in the House by a large margin. And even the Senate might shift by several seats, giving Republicans control.

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