Pennsylvania Democrat Leaders Found Guilty – Philadelphia Union Leader And Councilman ‘Wet Their Beak’ At Children’s Hospital

Why do labor unions so quickly rally around Democrats? Once upon a time, Democrats actually fought to help American workers. They negotiated to bring jobs back and protect workers’ wages. But these days, the left’s agenda is shipping jobs overseas faster than you can blink.

Yet, for some strange reason, union leaders continue to support these politicians. Odd, huh?

Well, we just found out why one union leader was working with a Democrat. Turns out, a major union head was colluding with a local Democrat councilman. But they weren’t negotiating to give their workers more vacation time. In fact, they were cheating a children’s hospital.

From The Washington Examiner:

Earlier this week, powerful Philadelphia IBEW Local 98 union boss John Dougherty and City Councilman Bobby Henon were both found guilty of conspiracy and fraud…

The revelation that a Philadelphia union boss and a Democratic city councilman are corrupt is perhaps not so shocking, but the sinful greed and egregious acts involved here are. These scumbags were trying to “wet their beak” at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, preventing the hospital from using nonunion employees to install MRI machines.

This is pretty bad. A Philadelphia city council member and boss of a union were found guilty of conspiracy and fraud. They were called out back in 2016, after the FBI raided their offices. An investigation continued until these men were indicted. Now, after many years, they have been served justice.

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These Democrats were found guilty of preventing a children’s hospital from using non-union workers to install MRI machines. Just low can someone get? The union boss won Henon’s support by buttering him up with a salary, benefits, and tickets to Eagles games.

What’s shocking is that a man running against Henon in 2019 warned the district of the very things he was doing. But voters mysteriously voted for him anyway. I wonder if they now regret electing a man simply because he was a Democrat?

Maybe this story will wake up voters. Perhaps some people will stop voting for Democrats, just because they are part of this party. Maybe instead they will demand a shred of integrity from their local officials.

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