Pirro Fires Back At Joy Behar’s Defense Of Gwen Berry “She Is Hurting Every Man And Woman Whose Blood Was Spilled For That Flag”

During a scathing segment of her show, Fox News host Judge Jeanine blasted “The View’s” Joy Behar over her defense of Gwen Berry.

Joy Behar said of Berry’s anthem antics “Protest is the very definition of patriotism. It basically is the basis of the country. She is basically doing her patriotic duty by saying, I am making a point here. That’s all she’s doing. She’s not hurting anybody.”

“Joy, she is not hurting anybody?” Judge Jeanine replied in disbelief. “She is hurting every man and woman whose blood was spilled for that flag, including patriotic black men and women who chose to enlist and chose to fight for what you find so repulsive.”

“She is hurting every parent who lost a child, every spouse who lost a loved one, every child growing up without a father and every veteran who can’t stand up because he lost his legs, but who still dreams of what it was like when he had legs, what it was like when he didn’t need to ask his kids to pick him up when he falls,” she continued.

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“No, Joy, you’re wrong again. She is hurting people. She is hurting the soul of a nation that grieves every day for lost, injured, and maimed loved ones. She is hurting America on the international stage where other countries laugh at the disrespect and downright hatred, people like her have for our National Anthem and our flag, allowing them to then laugh at us and ridicule us when they are so much worse,” she added. “But most of all, she is teaching young children for whom she is a role model that it is okay to hate America, and it is okay to insult her on the world stage.”


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