President Biden Abandoned By His Own Party – New Poll Shows Only One In Five Americans Want Him To Run Again 37% Of Dems

Recently, Joe Biden shocked Americans by claiming he’s all-in for 2024. Most Americans suspected he’d bow out running for a second term or even leave office before that. Yet, despite failing again and again on basic promises, Joe thinks he has a shot at returning to office. We have some bad news for him.

For months, Biden’s approval has been in the gutter. It only gets worse, as the man doesn’t seem capable of listening to Americans or changing his agenda for the better. Now, things are going to get even worse, as the latest election poll comes out.

From Newsmax:

Just one-fifth of Americans included in a recent poll say they want President Joe Biden to top the party’s ticket in the 2024 presidential race…

Biden was named by 22% of people surveyed in a new I&I/TIPP Poll… But Democrats were also not excited over Biden returning, with 37% saying they want him to top the ticket and 16% saying they want Harris.

This is pretty bad, no matter who you are. Voters were asked in a recent poll who they’d want running for president for the Democratic Party in 2024. Only a shocking 22% said they wanted Joe Biden, with even fewer picking his VP, Harris. That includes a dismal 37% of Democrats picking old Joe.

I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a “president” facing numbers this bad. Even when Trump was president, he enjoyed surging support among his own party. He won landslide numbers in the 2020 Republican primaries. But even with the media propping him up, Biden can’t even muster support from his own party for a reelection bid.

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We don’t have to wonder why. Even Democrats are coming to the horrifying realization that they voted for a fool. Biden wasn’t the “moderate” they were promised he’d be. He is acting more and more like a far-left dictator. It’s not only Republicans who are shocked at Biden’s poor handling of the economy and his devastating “mandates.”

But if he can only muster 37% support for 2024, who will the rest of the party support? Other candidates mentioned in the poll got single-digit numbers. It doesn’t seem like Democrats know who they would want going up against a Republican challenging. Guessing that it could be Trump, they probably realize they don’t have any who can beat him.

That’s pretty sad, for a party that seemed unbeatable, back when Obama was around.

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