President Biden Could Be Gone Soon – Alaska Governor Dunleavy Calls For Activating The 25th Amendment Over Unconstitutional Mandate

Since the Summer, Joe Biden’s reputation has been deteriorating. Instead of trying to right the ship, he only made Americans madder. The end result has been a tanking approval, a lack of leadership in D.C., and Americans chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” at every sporting event.

What started Biden’s rapid downward spiral? We can point to made disastrous decisions that shocked and upset Americans. But one stands out as a powerful example of Biden’s total disregard for Americans’ rights and liberties.

And one Republican governor recently said he thinks there is only one option. From Twitter:

This is ridiculous and unenforceable. If there was ever a case for the 25th Amendment…

#25thAmendment #akgov #Alaska

When news broke that Joe Biden was issuing a mandate that could cost millions of Americans their jobs, Dunleavy called on Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment. It appears the Republican governor believes Biden’s mandate is enough reason to declare him unfit to lead.

Plenty of Americans expressed outrage that Biden is pushing a mandate that could be unconstitutional. Although his administration has yet to issue the rules officially, both private businesses and states have promised to sue. The result of his mandate could lead to millions of Americans losing their jobs or outright quitting, which would likely trigger a recession.

It does not appear, however, that Biden is even aware of the possibly terrible fallout of this decision. Like a deranged, doddering old man, Biden blindly forges ahead with this mandate—unconcerned with how many Americans he might harm.

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But is it really grounds for the 25th Amendment? All that relies on what Congress thinks. If Congress truly believes Biden must be removed from office, they can invoke the 25th Amendment and pass legislation to remove him. That would require enough lawmakers to vote on it to ensure a veto-proof majority.

As it stands today, we are far from that majority. Congress is in the hands of Democrats just as determined to push their agenda as Biden. They are unwilling to confront Biden on his abuse of power, nor will they challenge him on his many terrible decisions.

And unfortunately, the alterative is Kamala Harris. Not sure how things could get better at this point.

Until Republicans retake Congress, it looks like Biden will continue to wreak havoc on our country.

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