President Biden Destroys Democrat Holy Grail – Joe Tells House Progressives That Free Community College Is Out

Joe Biden promised the progressive left big time when he unveiled his $3.5 trillion socialist plan. But he learned the hard way that, outside the radical left, Americans don’t want to be taxed into oblivion to achieve his plan.

Moderate Democrats have blocked his spending package, forcing major revisions. Democrats are desperately trying to push a less expensive—but still radical—spending bill. But in order to make it happen, Biden had to slaughter one of the left’s most favorite sacred cows.

From CNN:

President Joe Biden informed House progressives Tuesday afternoon that the final bill to expand the social safety net is expected to drop tuition-free community college, a major White House priority, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Biden was forced to tell the rabid socialists on the left that their favorite provision of his spending plan, free college tuition, was being cut. That is sure to outrage the Bernie bros who have been waiting nearly a decade for this promised boondoggle.

Along with that cut, Biden revealed they would also have to cut the “child tax credit,” extending it for only one year. They would also have to give up a costly homecare program. They might also have to reduce the extended paid leave from 12 weeks to four.

Talk about a blood bath! Biden’s radical, pie-in-the-sky plan is coming slightly closer to reality. But even then, progressives will be outraged over these “compromises.” Biden is forced to get rid of a bunch of empty promises that would have bankrupted American workers.

It’s still not clear that, with even all these cuts, if this plan will go through. It is closer to Manchin’s vision for the spending bill, but the White House has yet to explain how this is getting paid. Neither Manchin nor Sinema has expressed support for this new plan.

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Then there is the possibility that progressives will flat-out reject this version of the bill out of protest. People like Bernie and AOC aren’t known for their calm tempers and willingness to compromise. They are extremists who demand their way or the highway.

It’s possible that, because of these changes, House progressives will vote against this bill.

But time is running out. If Democrats can’t get a plan through by the end of this year, they might not get one done at all.

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