President Biden Dressed Down By Greta Thunberg – The Climate Activist Claims Joe Is Not A Leader For Her Cause

It’s a sad irony how much Biden tries to impress the radical left. The former moderate has ignored the concerns of most Americans to appease a small portion of progressive socialists. But time and again, they are quick to turn on the man so desperate to obey them.

The far left slammed Biden when he initially refused to freeze student loan payments. They went after him when he had to modify his spending bill and when he failed to pass it. Now, one well-known leftist is suddenly agreeing with millions of conservatives.

From Fox Business:

Leading climate activist Greta Thunberg is criticizing President Biden, suggesting he’s not acting like a leader on the issue.

“If you call him a leader — I mean, it’s strange that people think of Joe Biden as a leader for the climate when you see what his administration is doing.”

They say a broken clock is right twice a day. Even, once in a while, radical socialists say something remotely accurate. Climate puppet—I mean, renowned activist—Greta Thunberg slammed Biden over his failure to prop up climate extremists’ far-left agenda.

But she was right in one thing. She criticized people who called Joe Biden a leader. Yeah, we would agree. Biden comes off as more of a yes-man to the people within his administration. He’s even said he is “not allowed” to answer questions, for crying out loud.

Ironically, Thunberg is right, but for the wrong reason. She is complaining that Biden is not taking a stronger stance on the climate agenda. The little propaganda-spreader is bent out of shape because Biden is allegedly “expanding fossil fuel infrastructure” in the U.S. Um… what?

Biden almost single-handedly destroyed America’s energy sector. His drastic bans on drilling (not to mention killing the Keystone pipeline) put many out of work and triggered a fuel crisis. Only recently did he manage to provide a small concession, allowing companies to drill offshore.

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Perhaps she is commenting on Biden’s support of Russia’s pipeline? Yeah, that was pretty bad—because it was enriching a corrupt regime.

For that, Thunberg is outraged. Apparently, this girl who doesn’t have a job, doesn’t support a family, and doesn’t pay any bills is upset that Americans can actually put gas in their car’s tanks. Why do people still pay attention to this child? Don’t leftists have one adult worth appearing on Time magazine?

At least we agree with her on this one thing, Biden is no leader. He’s just another puppet.

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