President Biden Faces Investigation Hearing – Lead Republicans Scalise And Comer Accuse Joe Of ‘Dereliction of Duty’

It’s widely believed that Joe Biden failed on his biggest promise as president. Back in 2020, he promised to “shut down” the crisis that was hurting all Americans. He was heavily critical of Donald Trump’s response and claimed he could do better.

So, what has Biden done? He’s failed so terribly to address this issue, that he even admitted the federal government had no “solution” to it. He went back on many of his vows to the American public—and has even trampled on our constitutional liberties. Now, two top Republicans are demanding an investigation.

From Fox News:

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and fellow Republican House Oversight Committee ranking member James Comer, R-Ky., called for a joint hearing into President Biden’s “failed” COVID-19 pandemic response…

“He promised to not ‘demand that [the vaccine] be mandatory,’” the letter continued. “And he promised he had a national plan to ‘get this virus under control.’ He failed on all accounts.”

Republican congressmen Steve Scalise and James Comer wrote a letter demanding the House open an investigation into Biden’s virus response. They accused Biden of failing to contain this problem and going back on many of his promises. More than that, they pointed to his “woefully inept response” as a sign of “dereliction of duty.”

It’s hard not to notice that much of Biden’s decisions are just the opposite of what Donald Trump did. Not just on the economy or the border, but even in handling the 2020 response. Yet where Trump succeeded, Biden utterly failed. His many promises to get this crisis under control have never come true.

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Scalise and Comer accused Biden’s response as being “unsuccessful and unscientific.” And they blasted Congress for doing nothing to hold him accountable. They blistered Democrats, saying their neglect has “shielded [Biden] from legitimate oversight.”

That’s certainly something Americans have noticed. As Biden failed again and again last year, what did Democrats do? They sat around and let Biden get away with everything. Not once did Congress demand answers into Biden’s failed agenda. They never requested answers from him or from his staff.

Shouldn’t something be done? Shouldn’t Biden be held accountable for the mess he’s made? I don’t think we’ll see such an investigation, with Democrats in control. The only hope for Biden to be held accountable is if Republicans retake Congress in November.

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