President Biden Gets Caught In Snowstorm – Video Shows Air Force One And Joe Deluged In Snow

One of Joe Biden’s top agendas is to battle “climate change” through radical changes to our society. The once moderate Democrat is now essentially a climate alarmist, willing to cripple our economy in order to stop global warming. The good news is, his agenda has failed to gain traction and his massive green initiative was put on the shelf.

The other good news? It looks like Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with old Joe. On the way back from his holiday vacation, Biden had trouble leaving Delaware. Even after he landed, Biden was greeted by an unexpected sight. And his entire motorcade was pelted by it.

From The Western Journal:

Winter weather disrupted Biden’s return from his vacation in Delaware on Monday, as snow piled up on the runway at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, according to NBC News.

Even before his motorcade slogged through D.C. highways unused to the snow, Biden was marooned aboard Air Force One once it landed for about half an hour until enough crew members could be found to push and pull the staircase contraption up to the plane so that Biden could deplane.

What are we going to do with all this global warming blocking our roads and canceling our flights? I guess we need to churn out some more greenhouse gases, so we don’t have to worry about all this snow, falling in the Winter. Joe Biden learned the hard way that Mother Nature still has the final say in our weather after his trip was hampered by harsh snowfall.

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This same wintry system buried motorists and residents in layers of snow across the country. Even as far away as Seattle, flights were canceled as the Emerald City was covered in the white stuff. Poor old Joe had to descend those steps and cross the airfield while being battered by harsh snowfall.

Can’t the White House provide better shelter than that? The old man could barely hang on as snow pelted his face. You’d think the Secret Service would have gotten an umbrella or something. They couldn’t even get the staircase over to Air Force One. Hey idiots! There are these things called shovels. They work pretty well at clearing away snow.

Maybe the Biden administration should invest in some of those, next time. Instead of, you know, endangering White House staff due to the harsh weather? It seems like this administration can’t do anything right, even dealing with the snow.

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