President Biden Gets ‘Vote Of No Confidence’ – Hours Before Speech Majority Of Americans Think Joe Is Unfit To Serve

Throughout 2021, Americans were forced to suffer under the inept leadership of Joe Biden. Most of his blunders cost the country big time, as our economy floundered. But his failures weren’t reserved for just the economy. Biden’s mistakes cost an entire country its freedom, as the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Now, we are watching as—once again—Biden’s lack of leadership is spreading chaos on the world stage. Thanks to Biden’s weak response, Russia is invading Ukraine. The world is forced to watch as the country defends itself, almost on its own. And Americans have had enough of this Clown in Chief.

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From Breitbart:

A strong majority of adults in the United States believe President Joe Biden is mentally unfit to serve as commander in chief, according to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll…

The recent poll revealed that the “underlying weakness” is to the degree that most adults “have doubts about his personal capacities.”

When asked about Biden’s “mental sharpness” to serve as president, 54 percent said they do not think Biden is mentally sharp enough, while only 40 percent said he is.

More than half of the country thinks Joe Biden does not have the “mental sharpness” to be president. That is a complete reversal from previous polls, where most thought he had what it took. But a terrible 2021 and an even worse 2022 are opening Americans’ eyes. Biden’s poor leadership is hurting everyone, even folks overseas.

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It seems more and more Americans are worrying about Biden’s mental abilities. This is nothing new. Evidence of Biden’s mental decline has been obvious since 2020. Biden’s occasional gaffes have given way to near-constant confusion, irritability, outbursts of anger, and general incoherence.

The man shows incredible lethargy and disinterest, even when lives are on the line. He seems more interested in pushing a failed agenda, perhaps because he’s just doing what his handlers are telling him to do. Most of the time, he’s kept out of the limelight. But when he does appear on camera, it is almost always a disaster.

Is it any surprise why so many Americans say he is not competent? The real question is, when is Congress going to do something about this?

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