President Biden Gives Concerning Press Performance – Video Shows Him Staring Blankly Into Space Recite Teleprompter Gibberish

Does anyone still believe Joe Biden has what it takes to be president? I’d invite them to read just a fraction of the stories we’ve written over the last year. Or, better yet, they should take a look at this latest episode. It is just one example of Biden’s inability to function at a basic level, to communicate to the American people.

Joe was supposed to give an update on a crisis we’ve been dealing with since 2020. This is a crucial issue, one that Biden claimed he’d handle better than the previous president. Yet, even as Americans search for solutions and direction, Biden show just how out of his depth he is. Just watch this first clip.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden read gibberish from a teleprompter…

If that isn’t enough, watch him do nothing as reporters ask him a few questions.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden stared blankly ahead while ignoring reporters’ questions…

Oh, yeah, we’re brimming with confidence over this performance. Joe Biden is supposed to be giving an update on what his administration is doing over the latest variant. Yet he apparently was told just to read off the teleprompter. But even his speech writers appear to be falling apart, as Joe reads a bunch of gibberish.

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Shouldn’t the “president” be able to discern actual talking points and glitches? Why doesn’t he have a script printed out in front of him, when the teleprompter isn’t working? Or better yet, why isn’t he looking over his remarks, so he can catch possible mistakes? This is yet another—of many—examples that underscore Biden’s failing mental health.

Worse still is how he just looks blankly at reporters as they ask him questions. Now, why do you think he did that? Perhaps because someone told him not to answer any questions? I mean, come on! The man is literally smirking as reporters ask him basic questions about this issue. Are we to believe this man is really in charge—and not just a puppet for the left?

Maybe he expected someone to give him the answers via the teleprompter? We don’t know, but we can sure tell you that a president can easily answer questions from the media. Donald Trump had a very contentious relationship with the press. But he never did this. He answer all their questions, often giving them more of his time than they deserved.

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