President Biden Goes Off The Rails In Live Speech – He Claims Trump Supporters Are Worse Than Confederates

Democrats are scrambling right now. And their Commander in Chief is losing it big time.

With 2022 around the corner, they are doing whatever it takes to prevent a red wave in Congress.

That is the real reason they are opposing much-needed voter reform. State after state is passing laws to secure our elections.

And Sleepy Joe Biden can’t stand it.

Yesterday, he gave a “speech” (more like a rant), condemning Republicans’ efforts to battle voter shenanigans.

But the old man came off more like a deranged dictator, than someone of the side of truth.

From The Western Journal:

Biden was speaking at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia about Democratic efforts to federalize elections and to stop states from asking people to prove who they are before they cast ballots…

“We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War,” Biden said, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. “That’s not hyperbole — since the Civil War.”

Now we see why Democrats tried to keep Joe quiet for so long. During a rant about voter integrity, Joe Biden made all sorts of wild claims against Republicans working to secure our elections.

Folks, this may be hands-down the worst speech we’ve ever heard from an American President. It is full of lies and incitement against the president’s political opponents.

He actually claimed this is our biggest test since the Civil War, and he’s being literal about it. This is much stronger language than what Trump got impeached over in Pelosi’s House.

After the mess that was the 2020 Election, plenty of Americans have grown to distrust our voting systems.

Republicans in many states have passed laws that make voting much more secure. Democrats, for some strange reason, are claiming they are restricting minorities’ access to voting.

Of course, Biden has no proof of his claims. Instead, like a third-world dictator watching his regime crumble, he makes wild accusations and insults.

Biden once again lied, saying voter integrity is “Jim Crow 2.0.” How Joe? How is requiring voter ID and eliminating ballot harvesting the same as old laws that stopped people from voting based on race?

He even went on to say that Republicans who simply want to avoid cheating are the same as Confederates.

Dude needs to check his history books again. Because last time I checked, the Confederates were Democrats.

Ouch, that must hurt.

In addition to all that, Biden made completely unsubstantiated claims like Republicans will want to throw out ballots for Democrats.

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Is he taking crazy pills? Who even said anything remotely like that? Yes, questionable ballots with no signatures or any means of verifying the voter should be cast out.

Is Joe saying bad ballots are always for Democrats? Sounds like it.

In any event, we are watching Biden meltdown as Republicans finally stand up and fight the left’s attempt to loosen up voting rules.

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