President Biden In Serious Trouble Over Senate Report – They Accused Joe Of Abandoning Up To 9,000 During Afghanistan Pullout

Biden wants, more than anything, for you to forget the horrors that occurred during his failed Afghanistan withdrawal. But we refuse to comply. Biden’s mishandled and unplanned withdrawal allowed the Taliban to take over the country.

Then, Biden made matters worse by botching a chaotic and unplanned evacuation.

The administration claimed that, despite the confusion, they evacuated most of the Americans left behind. They even said only a few hundred were stuck in Afghanistan (still far more than there should have been). Now, we are learning it was much, much more than just a 100. And Biden covered it up.

From American Military News:

President Joe Biden abandoned as many as 9,000 American citizens in Afghanistan following the administration’s botched withdrawal in August last year, a new report released on Thursday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee revealed. The report contradicts the Biden administration’s earlier claims that just 100-150 were left behind.

This isn’t rumor. This isn’t hearsay. This is a report signed by Foreign Relations ranking member Jim Risch, from the United States Senate. And it reveals that as many as 9,000 Americans were left behind by the Biden administration, after it pulled out its people on August 31, 2021.

The report shows that 15,000 Americans had been in Afghanistan when it fell to the Taliban. Biden’s botched evacuation managed to get only 6,000 of that number out by the imposed deadline of August 31st. That means at least 9,000 were still left in a country now controlled by our enemies.

This is consistent with reports we’ve seen since that time. Private groups that fought to get flights for people suggested at least 1,000 people had been left behind. Shockingly, the State Department made it difficult for these chartered flights to actually get Americans out of the country.

What’s even more shocking is that Biden and his administration bragged about this failed operation. They claimed this was the “largest and most successful” evacuation by the United States government. That’s not something worth bragging about, Joe. You wouldn’t have had to evacuate anybody if you didn’t hand the country over to our enemies.

Not only that, but Biden reportedly escorted tens of thousands of Afghans out of the country. Many of them had no identification or papers to prove they were our allies. Yet he couldn’t get 9,000 Americans out?

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