President Biden Is “Drowning” In His Home State – New Poll Shows He’s Way Underwater In The State Of Delaware

At this point, you’ve probably read all about how Biden’s approval is tanking. That has been the case since last year. But, to the shock of many, it’s getting worse. Biden’s national approval is well below his disapproval. Despite this, his administration is doing nothing to correct this crisis.

But the news is worse than Biden realizes. A national average doesn’t tell us what people in various states think about Joe. Perhaps states like Texas or Florida are bringing down his average. What do people in his home state of Delaware think? Uh… Joe, you probably don’t want to look.

From Civiqs:

Ouch, this is pretty painful. A recent Civiqs poll gauged Joe’s approval across each state. And, aside from four states, Joe is flunking everywhere. He is “underwater,” meaning his disapproval is higher than this approval. But there’s more. In his home state of Delaware, he currently has an approval of 36%–and a disapproval of 54%.

If you look at the chart, you can see a drastic flip of approval to disapproval for most folks. And the change begins around the Summer of last year, around the time Biden failed in Afghanistan. And it only got worse from there. You might remember Biden followed up that disaster with his infamous mandates.

And his approval hasn’t recovered since.

The economy is in free-fall thanks to runaway inflation and other drastic decisions made by this administration. And even as Biden promises to lower the costs of food, gas, and health care, his policies do not address the actual source of all these problems.

If you ever wondered how an administration run by incompetent hippies and a sad old man would look like, here you go.

These numbers are so alarming because you’d expect Biden’s home state would still support him. Delaware is mostly blue, but even there they are sick of Biden’s failures. This trend is true in most states, including New York, Illinois, and California. Americans of all political backgrounds are giving Biden a failing grade.

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