President Biden Just Broke Through The Floor – Joe’s Presidential Approval Dives All The Way Down To 36% Lower With Independents

During President Joe Biden’s first 6 months in the White House, his approval generally stayed in the low to mid 50s. That wasn’t great for the new POTUS, but it wasn’t bad, either.

However, the summertime saw the start of a huge slide, and that slide continues. Biden’s approval ratings just keep falling, due largely to concerns about the economy and his far-left policies.

Now, the President has just a new low.

One could argue that Biden’s decline began with the Afghanistan fiasco, which saw the President taking all sorts of heat. Many still say he handled the entire situation extremely poorly.

Also, the ongoing pandemic – and the government’s vaccine mandates – didn’t help Biden’s report card.

On top of that, we have the flailing economy, which is now the #1 concern among many Americans, lawmakers, and other leaders. The holiday season is expected to only further highlight the problem.

As a result, Biden’s approval rating has bottomed out: it has gone even lower than many anticipated.

Via Fox News:

The president’s approval rating stands at 36%, with disapproval at 53% in a new Quinnipiac University national poll.

That’s the president’s lowest level of public support in Quinnipiac polling since taking over in the White House in January.

That’s just a touch worse than the October report, where Biden’s approval came in at 37 percent and disapproval was at 52 percent.

And of course, there’s a massive divide between the two parties. Virtually all Republicans (94%) disapprove of Biden’s job performance, while most Democrats (87%) remain behind the President.

Perhaps the biggest surprise comes from the Independent voter group.

This is the one that should concern the Biden administration: the poll showed that 56 percent of Independents disapproved, while only 29 percent approved. That’s lower than the overall rating.

That’s a bad sign, because it’s feasible that with Republicans and Democrats voting along party lines, it’s the Independents that will sway future elections.

And right now, those unaffiliated with any party stand  heavily against him.

It’s Biden’s lack of commitment to key issues that’s really hurting him, according to the poll — only 33% approve of his foreign policy handling, for example. And only 34% approve of his economic dealings.

Said Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy:

What may be most concerning is that overall ‘satisfaction’ is at an all-time low, and, significantly, 50% of those polled are ‘very dissatisfied.

That is a gut punch, accompanied by the handling of the economy number which has dropped 5 points from 39% approval to 35% since October the 6th.

A majority of those surveyed (57%) also say the President doesn’t have good leadership skills, and 52% believe he’s “not honest.”

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With these numbers, the possibility of future “red waves” continues to rise.

Republicans like their chances in the 2022 midterm elections, as they firmly believe they can flip the House and Senate back to full Red. They also think the presidency is definitely up for grabs in 2024.

With polling numbers like these, the GOP has every reason to be optimistic.

As for Democrat leaders, even they are starting to question whether or not Biden is the right man for the job. We’ll have to see if the numbers can turn around; otherwise, it could be a rough few years.

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