President Biden Loses It In Mainstream Interview – Joe Coldly Blows Off Question On Afghanis Falling From American Planes

Americans are still trying to make sense of what’s happening in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden hastily withdrew our troops, leading to a Taliban takeover.

Worse than that, Biden has refused to provide real answers or take responsibility for the crisis. This is coming from a man many have claimed has gotten every major foreign policy decision wrong for 4 decades.

Then arranged for an interview with ABC. Clearly, it was meant to be a controlled environment where Biden could direct the narrative.

Even then, Biden lost it—and made matters worse.

From Fox News:

Matters continue to get worse for President Biden as critics on both sides of the aisle panned the comments he made to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos about his administration’s turbulent Afghan withdrawal…

“This is a presidency-defining clip. And it’s really bad,” Commentary associate editor Noah Rothman reacted.

Joe Biden failed epically during an interview with ABC. When George Stephanopoulos pressed him for answers about the withdraw, Biden was combative and defensive.

He claimed the cataclysmic fall of Kabul to the Taliban was part of his plan. When Stephanopoulos asked about people falling from planes, Biden snapped saying, “That Was 4-5 Days Ago.”

Uh… not sure why the timing of the horrific scene mattered. But he was wrong anyway since it had happened only two days prior.

Many people, including Republicans and Democrats, bashed Biden’s cold, dismissive, and inaccurate performance.

Nikki Haley said it was a “slap in the face” to the many Americans still stuck in Afghanistan. Piers Morgan rebuked Biden for refusing to admit to his “catastrophic mistake,” saying it was “breathtakingly arrogant & disturbingly delusional.”

As of this moment, thousands of Americans are stuck in Afghanistan. Many American allies are also stranded, fearing for their lives.

The White House cannot assure their safety or that they will even be able to get a flight out.

So now we’ve got a Dunkirk situation on our hands. This looks worse than Saigon 1975—it’s more like Tehran 1979 when Iran took American hostages.

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Biden has not owned up to his massive failure. He has tried to blame others, including Trump. He has tried to distract from it. And he has tried to dismiss it.

And military leaders are claiming they can’t send our troops to go help Americans get through the Taliban perimeter to the airport.

But Americans aren’t budging. We are demanding answers. And Biden cannot deliver.

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