President Biden Loses To Trump At The Border – Donald’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy Is Set To Be Reinstated

Throughout this year, we’ve reported on the growing crisis at our Southern border. Democrats and the media turned a blind eye as over one million migrants illegally entered the country. And reports indicate that more are on their way.

This is all due to Biden making drastic changes to our border policy. Didn’t he say he was going to govern better than Donald Trump? So why is our border under siege? A federal court didn’t think Biden knew what he was doing, so it is reinstating a major Trump rule.

From Border Report:

The controversial Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy — which forced migrants to wait south of the border in Mexico during their immigration proceedings — could begin again “within the coming weeks,” according to a federal court brief filed this week by Justice Department officials…

DHS “is ready to reimplement MPP shortly after the Government of Mexico (GOM) makes an independent decision to accept the return of individuals that the Department seeks to enroll in the program,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton wrote.

A federal court ruled that Biden must reinstate Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy. After weeks of delay, reports are coming out that the administration is ready to resume this program. Trump had implemented this rule as a solution to the flood of migrants bombarding our border.

All too often, people jump the border, violating our immigration laws. When they are apprehended, they claim they are seeking asylum. That requires that they appear before our immigration courts for a hearing. Most of the time, these migrants’ circumstances do not fit the requirements for asylum, so they are deported.

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But under Obama and Biden, few ever were. Why? Because once they were caught, they were released into the U.S. Few ever showed up for their court dates—and the federal government never bothered to keep tabs on them.

Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy put an end to all that. When a migrant was caught, they were required to wait in Mexico until their case was decided. That ended “catch-and-release” and discouraged migrants from jumping the border.

Obviously, Biden had to kill that rule, in order to sow chaos into our border policies.

Now, it looks like has failed once again. Perhaps this will help end the ongoing crisis.

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