President Biden Makes Major Mistake On Live TV – Joe Claims 150 Years Ago He Was On Senate Committee

Once again, we bring to you yet another shocking “flub” by Joe Biden.

It’s becoming so common, this should just become a standing feature for our website.

Until, at least, this man is removed from office.

Not that long ago—literally this week—we watched as Biden struggled to conduct a simple town hall meeting.

Now, not a week has gone by before he’s at it again. While sounding as tired and robotic as usual, he claims he served on the Senate… 150 years ago.

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President Joe Biden said he was on the Judiciary Committee “150 years ago,” during remarks he delivered before signing “The VOCA Fix To Sustain the Crime Victims Fund Act of 2021” in the White House.

Yikes… where do we even start?

In the past, Joe has made odd comments like this. His handlers and the press tried to shrug them off as just poorly executed jokes.

But there is nothing in Biden’s mannerisms or facial expression to suggest he was joking. Plus, this was neither the time nor place to make a joke.

He was talking about setting up a victim’s fund. Why would he slip in a joke, then?

The only thing we can conclude is that Biden, once again, is saying something completely absurd. It lends more evidence to the fact that the man is struggling to put together his thoughts and communicate.

If this doesn’t convince you he is suffering from at least minor mental decline, you’re watching too much CNN.

For years, many years, we’ve watched as Biden’s slipped and stumbled. There is more than a mountain of evidence for any reasonable person to think he has a problem.

Even medical experts have weighed in, at least urging a cognitive exam.

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