President Biden On The Ropes For “Reckless” Error – Defense Bill Rule Would Hold Joe Accountable For Afghanistan Evacuation

President Joe Biden’s first year has been marred by domestic and international issues alike. The border crisis kicked off immediately after Biden was inaugurated, for example.

Since then, his sweeping pandemic-related mandates and concerning inflation have dominated headlines, along with one other major international flap: the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

And what followed might be Biden’s biggest failure of 2021.

That’s why a new provision in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act seeks to hold POTUS responsible for that botched operation. Many military leaders have been pulling for this for months.

After the Taliban overthrew the Afghan government and assumed control, the situation instantly became dangerous for American citizens stuck in the country.

The evacuation process that followed was heavily criticized, as was Biden’s alleged refusal to heed warnings just prior to the event. Then there was the issue of leaving military equipment in Taliban hands.

It certainly damaged the President’s reputation, and has remained a sore point for the administration.

Now, the House version of the aforementioned Act demands that Biden be held seriously accountable.

As Rep. August Pfluger (R-TX) said in a statement (via Fox News):

President Biden’s reckless Afghanistan evacuation allowed the Taliban to release thousands of known terrorists from prisons in Afghanistan.

As of now, we have no idea where they went and what risks they pose to American citizens.

My resolution requires DHS to conduct a full terror threat assessment on each prisoner to protect the safety and security of our homeland.

It is one step in holding President Biden and his administration accountable for their failures in Afghanistan.

Those released prisoners are of grave concern to the U.S. military.

This amendment requires that Biden’s team (the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, DHS, etc.) examine these prisoners released from 2 detention facilities in Afghanistan.

These facilities held al-Qaida and ISIS fighters, which is why American forces want to know exactly who we let out of prison.

If the Act passes, the secretary of defense will then have 60 days to prepare the report, and that report must be done every year from now until 2026. It’s a step towards transparency, according to lawmakers.

The provision doesn’t ignore that left-behind military equipment, either.

Pfluger’s amendment demands an assessment of the “quantity and type” of equipment abandoned in Afghanistan. And we want to know if Biden has any plan to “leave, recover, or destroy” that equipment.

For months, outraged American citizens and politicos have called for a closer look at how Biden handled the entire Afghanistan situation.

Many people, especially those involved with the military or have close ties to the events of 9/11, say the Biden administration performed poorly from start to finish.

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Some maintain former President Donald Trump would’ve been a much better leader to have at the helm when it happened. Trump had a history of being bullish and hard-nosed on the international front.

On the other hand, many Americans believe Biden has been too soft on the Taliban from the beginning.

Either way, this bill seems destined to pass — it already won bipartisan support on a vote of 363-70, and now it goes to Biden’s desk for signing. If he signs it, though, he may have a lot to answer for.

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