President Biden Rocked By Impeachment Charge – Joe Is Accused Of Violating The Constitution By Mark Levin

Joe Biden has been met with plenty of criticism since entering office.

And we can say most of it is well deserved. The Democrat has refused to be a moderate and work with both parties.

In fact, he seems to be ignoring the will of the people to bow to the radical left and globalists.

Perhaps his biggest failures have been on the continuing 2020 crisis. Some believe he took Trump’s successful plan and made it a massive mess.

And political commentator Mark Levin is joining other leaders in calling for his impeachment.


In a brutal takedown of Biden and his administration, Mark Levin laid out the reason for Joe Biden to be impeached.

He blasted Biden for demanding vaccinated Americans to wear masks, while allowing unvaccinated and sick migrants into the country.

Levin also pointed out that Biden violated a Supreme Court ruling to extend the ban on evictions. The Supreme Court had ruled only Congress can extend this exception.

But Biden did it anyway, in directing violation to a court ruling.

Levin criticized Republicans for whining at the border, but not taking action in Congress. He knows that Republicans don’t have a majority, but they certainly need to push back against Joe’s toxic agenda.

The commentator said Biden will go down as the “biggest disaster” in our history. He pointed to the rising prices of gas, food, and everything else.

He ridiculed Biden’s ever-changing guidance, often calling him a dim-wit.

It is a powerful rebuke to the failing administration. And it should be a wake-up call to the GOP.

They might be focusing on retaking Congress in 2022. But something must be done today.

Joe Biden continues to ignore our values and laws—to appease the radical left and globalist elite.

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