President Biden Rocked By Multiple Investigations – State Dept. Reveals Probe Into Joe’s Pullout From Afghanistan

Joe Biden has not had a good year. His administration has been marked by an unending series of crises. The border, inflation, surging crime, and more plague his every step. Even the liberal media is starting to turn on him.

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming.

You’d might expect the liberal establishment to buckle down and protect this failed president. But the cracks are starting to show, as even Democrats try to distance themselves from Biden. Now, word is that his own administration is launching investigations against him.

From Daily Wire:

The State Department’s inspector general has reportedly launched “a series of investigations” into the Biden administration’s pullout from Afghanistan…

Diana Shaw, the State Department’s acting inspector general, informed several congressional committees on Monday of the work that her office is conducting…

The report said that inspectors general from other departments were likely to launch investigations into the chaotic events that unfolded under Democrat President Joe Biden’s leadership.

The inspector general from the State Department is launching a series of investigations over Biden’s fumbled Afghanistan withdrawal. IG Diana Shaw will be looking at Biden’s “Special Immigrant Visa program,” how the administration processed refugees, and the resettlement program.

The IG will also look into how Biden handled the emergency evacuation of Americans and Afghans, including the chaotic U.S. Embassy withdrawal.

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In addition to this, it is expected that IGs from other agencies will be launching their other investigations. That includes the Pentagon’s IG, who will look into Biden’s drone strike that killed 10 civilians as well as other blunders that led to the Taliban’s resurgence.

We can’t predict what will be the end result of these investigations. But it can’t be good for Biden. Whatever facts come out will expose the many mistakes and errors his administration made during the withdrawal and afterward.

We know that top military officials warned Biden that 2,500 troops should have remained. The former president of Afghanistan told him the Taliban had a force 10,000+ strong, waiting to invade. Biden ignore all these dire warnings—and disaster was the result.

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