President Biden Rocked By Trump Strike – With ‘Shock And Awe’ Donald Declares America “Has Never Been So Humiliated”

Joe Biden has repeatedly failed at his word.

But the Afghanistan crisis just might be his biggest failure yet.

Americans have been forced to watch 20 years of work go down in flames. The Taliban has taken over the country.

And the latest reports suggest they have no intentions of treating the locals fairly.

President Trump has been blasting Joe Biden for days now, but his latest criticize of Joe is the most brutal.

From Fox News:

Trump told “Hannity” that Biden has humiliated the United States more than any other president in history, explicitly eclipsing fellow Democrat Jimmy Carter’s Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979…

“It is a terrible time for our country. I don’t think in all of the years our country has ever been so humiliated.”

Donald Trump called out Joe Biden’s failure in Afghanistan, saying it’s the worst of any president.

He said the country has never been “so humiliated.” After 20 years of work to liberate Afghanistan from the Taliban, the radical regime has taken over.

Trump was particularly critical of Biden’s neglect of American citizens and allies. An estimated 10,000 Americans were left stranded, although the Biden administration seems uncertain and that number could be higher. About 40,000 Afghan allies are also in danger.

Many fear the Taliban will go after these two groups in retribution.

Biden pulled our troops with no consideration for the thousands left behind. Trump said it was “something that you can’t even believe.”

Not once would Trump have considered pulling troops, leaving Americans behind. His first priority as president was always the safety of the American people.

But ever since Biden took over, it seems Americans’ safety is his last priority.

He opened the border, letting in hundreds of thousands. And he left behind Americans in Afghanistan, who have no way of getting home.

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The latest from the White House is they can’t promise they can get Americans out. They can’t even promise they’ll get to the airport safely.

Almost everyone agrees this is a pathetic failure on Biden’s part. No wonder Trump said it has humiliated our entire country.

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