President Biden Sent Reeling By Latest Economic Report – Sky-High Inflation Spike Could Continue For 3 Years

Biden has been trying to dodge the blame for America’s inflation for months. Back in the Spring, he claimed it was temporary and would decline by the Summer. He was wrong. Economists explained that the inflation was caused by Biden’s reckless “stimulus” bill, which pumped 1 trillion new dollars into our economy.

Yeah, that kind of move has a devastating effect on a country.

Biden continues to ignore the problem. His administration is claiming that inflation will go away, somehow, someday. But experts are not that optimistic. And it appears that some are saying it will last a long time. How long? Well, almost as long as Biden’s first (and hopefully, only) term.

From Fox News:

Economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics are predicting that annual inflation will remain above 2% over the next three years as a result of rising wages and strong demand for goods and services…

Easing of supply chain bottlenecks, increased energy production, less monetary policy stimulus and increased semiconductor chip production were all seen as the top factors that could help dampen inflation ahead.

Bad news for Biden. Top experts claim that his inflation will last for the next three years. While they all make claims for why inflation is where it is, they all seem to agree on what could slow it. One of the things that could end it? “Less monetary policy stimulus.” Hmm, that sounds like a coded way of saying, “stop giving out free money, Biden”!

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We all know why inflation is getting worse. Biden does not seem to be prioritizing our economy. The problems are real and obvious. Yet Biden is assigning the very worst people to address these crises. Meanwhile, he ignores them himself as he pushes unconstitutional mandates.

Some Republican critics have claimed that Biden wanted to do this all along. After all, if the economy gets really bad, we would have no choice but to embrace his radical socialist agenda. But that is a longshot, even for a former moderate like Biden. He can torch our economy all he wants, but elections come every other year.

If he is really trying to tank our economy, he would face a reckoning at the polls. Regardless of what Biden is really trying to do, one thing is clear. He is failing big time. And Americans know who to blame.

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