President Biden Sent Spinning By ‘Quit Rate’ – Joe’s America Hits A New Monthly Record Of 4.3 Million Jobs Quit

How has Biden done as a “jobs president”? Uh… come back later, say the Democrats.

The reality is, Joe is failing on one of the most important issues facing the country. In the middle of last year, as the country was rebounding from the crisis, Trump celebrated as millions of jobs were added to the economy.

What can Biden celebrate? Well, this Summer was one of the worst for our economy ever on record. And in fact, not only are jobless claims rising, but a record number of people quit their jobs. And it keeps getting worse.

From CNBC:

Job openings declined sharply in August while hiring also fell and the level of workers quitting their jobs hit the highest level since at least late 2000, the Labor Department reported Tuesday…

However, quits hit a new series high going back to December 2000, as 4.3 million workers left their jobs. The rate rose to 2.9%, an increase of 242,000 from a month ago. Quits are seen as a level of confidence from workers who feel they are secure in finding employment elsewhere.

Over 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August, adding to the growing jobless rate in Biden’s America. The media is trying to spin it in a positive light. They claim people quit their jobs because they are confident they can find a better one.

Except, we are living under a Joe Biden dictatorship, with problems breaking out everywhere. What also happened recently that can explain this horrible rate? Oh yeah, Biden issued a mandate that would result in the loss of millions of jobs.

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Biden claimed he was going to “build back better.” But nothing’s gotten better since Biden took over. In fact, the economy is the worst we’ve seen in decades. Biden’s crippled our energy sector, created massive inflation, triggered a worker shortage, opened the border, and ignored rising crime.

If he was trying to destroy the country, he couldn’t do a better job.

This statistic should wake up the administration. It should be doing everything in its power to right the ship, implementing pro-job, pro-business policies. But will they? We’ve seen Biden ignore every warning sign and red flag.

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