President Biden Sent Spinning By The ‘Great Resignation’ – JOLTS Delivers Joe A Record Level Of Quits

It’s no secret that under Joe Biden, many Americans are out of work. It started when he began paying Americans not to go to work. That triggered a worker shortage as well as supply chain backlogs. But the problem is getting even worse.

In September, Joe announced a mandate that could cost over 100 million Americans their jobs. Many states and companies quickly adopted their own version of the mandate, pressuring Americans to give up their liberties to keep their jobs. Well, if Joe wanted to turn us into Venezuela, he’s doing a bang-up job.

From Fox Business:

The number of U.S. workers quitting their jobs surged to a record in September as openings remained near an all-time high.

The total number of quits rose by 164,000 in September to a record-high 4.4 million, according to the Labor Department’s Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS. This as the number of available positions slipped to 10.4 million, but remained near a record high.

Why would Americans leave their jobs, even as the economy struggles to recovery? Joe Biden’s America has seen over 4 million people quit their jobs–leaving a massive vacuum of workers for businesses. Even as America needs good workers and Americans need income, Biden is making sure the country sinks into oblivion.

There is a variety of factors that are contributing to this situation, beyond just the crisis from 2020. America was reopening aggressively by the end of last year. Under Trump, we enjoyed a “V-shaped” recovery. But all that changed early this year, as Biden issued a variety of orders that sent our country into a tailspin.

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From his open border, mandate, crippling fuel regulations, and “stimulus,” Biden appears to be going out of his way to hamper our country’s progress. Because he is forcing Americans to choose between their jobs and their freedoms, many have no choice but to leave their jobs.

This was the exact opposite of what was going on under Trump. We were effectively at full employment, with Americans eager to find good-paying jobs. But it seems Biden wants millions of Americans in a position to need government welfare, handouts, and aid.

Now, why would he want that? Maybe it’s because he’s trying to push a drastic spending bill loaded with new government entitlements?

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