Red And Blue States Face Off In One-Sided Showdown – Democrat-Run States Are Getting Run Over On Job Creation

Democrats have wasted ample breath attacking Republican-led states. They all but condemned red states that stayed open during 2020.

And today, they claim Republican states are denying Americans their freedom. Perhaps they are just bitter that millions of Americans have fled to those red states.

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Now, a new report reveals just why so many people are leaving blue states for red.

From Biz Pac Review:

Red states reportedly have added 341,000 jobs while blue states experienced a 1.3 million worker shortfall in the last approximately 2-1/2 years, according to a think-tank analysis of U.S. Labor Department data.

Individuals and businesses large and small are also voting with their feet, with a staggering 46 million persons reportedly loading up the moving van through February 2022 (and the number, by now, is presumably even higher.)

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. Red states have added about 341,000 jobs since 2020. Meanwhile, Democrat-run blue states are behind by about 1.3 million jobs.

This is hardly rocket science. Blue states kept their communities and economies under lock and key for nearly two years.

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Americans couldn’t even go to church or send their kids to school. Even after things began to open up, blue states were weighed down by endless restrictions and mandates.

Meanwhile, red states worked at double speed to reopen, get people back to work, while still protecting against infection.

Americans, sick and tired of how blue states bullied them, have left in droves to red states.

Recently, California Gov. Newsom slammed people who have moved to Florida—the top destination—claiming the state is denying Americans their liberties.

But Florida isn’t suffering a rental truck shortage because so many people are leaving, California is.

Newsom has a sketchy relationship with the truth, perhaps worse than most Democrats. So he’ll be the last person to admit the facts.

Americans are fleeing to states with low taxes, high quality of life, and no mandates. Democrats, despite seeing this exodus, refuse to do anything about it.

Instead, they’ve defunded police, raised taxes, and drove jobs out of their states.

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