Red Wave Crashes In Blue States For 2022 – Deep Blue Democrat Murray Is 15 Points Behind Last Election

We’ve been hearing a lot about Republicans’ growing chances at flipping the House in November. Last year’s elections, as well as polling, suggests that Americans are eager to fire Pelosi and give Republicans control of the lower chamber.

Add to that the fact that a growing number of incumbent Democrats are fleeing the ship.

But what about the Senate? Just one seat is needed by either party to gain the majority. Numerous seats are up for reelection this November, including a seat in Georgia that should be flipped by the GOP. However, an unlikely seat could be up for grabs. Because the incumbent Democrat is losing ground rapidly.

From Fox News:

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., is facing a potentially tough reelection battle, a bad sign for Democrats looking to stave off a potential “red wave” in the midterm elections.

Murray leads a hypothetical Republican opponent by just three points, according to a Crosscut/Elway poll released Sunday, with 42% of respondents indicating they would vote for Murray while 39% said they would choose a Republican…

The poll shows that Republicans may have good reason for optimism, despite Murray winning reelection in 2016 by 18 points.

Democrat senator from Washington, Patty Murray, won reelection in 2018 by 18 points. Today, she is getting a run for her money—against a hypothetical Republican. She is only leading by 3 points, a huge 15-point drop from just a few years ago.

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Should Republicans nominate a strong candidate to run against her, Murray’s lead might vanish entirely. How could this happen in a state like Washington, which has been swallowed up by the West Coast’s hyper-leftism? It’s because Democrats appear to be destroying themselves with terrible policies and America-last leadership.

Seattle and the rest of Washington have been rocked by lockdowns, mandates, and pro-crime policies. Much like California and other West Coast states, Americans in WA have suffered from economic crises caused by leftist policy. And the fact that Murray’s numbers have declined so rapidly suggests that a growing number of voters could be looking for someone new.

Several Senate seats will be hotly contested. How these races shake out could determine control of the upper chamber. If Republicans retake both the House and Senate, it would strike a major blow against Biden and his agenda. But I’m sure nobody thought Murray’s seat would be one of the vulnerable ones. Not from a blue state.

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